Why I’m running

I am running for the Future. We have real challenges to confront in this city to meet the future in a meaningful way. From our Land Use and Development Regulations, to Traffic, to Public Safety – now is the time to find and implement more cost-efficient technological solutions. We really need to put a laser focus on innovative ideas and creative solutions all the while ambitiously minding the cost to taxpayers. Being a pre-platted community, we STILL will often have the deck stacked against us; however, I firmly believe that where there exists challenge there is always opportunity. I’m running for a modern city. I’m running for a smarter future.


What are your most important priorities?

  •   Guarding the Public’s Health, Safety, and Well-being
  •   Land Use and Zoning
  •   Lack of Steadiness on Current Council
  •   Lack of Technology
  •   LCEC Negotiations


When asked about his partisanship, Mr. Morris responded in a way that we can all relate:

“This is a non-partisan race, it is as it always has been for me, what is in the best interest of my neighbors, my fellow citizens, and my city come first at this level.”

Mr. Morris is also the past President of the Cape Coral Civic Association.


More information


Contact: graham4cape1@gmail.com; 239-443-6751