Interview with Lydia Lowell-Sherman – Candidate for City Council, Ward 5

By Pat Washington

Who is she?

Lydia is a community leader with nearly 58 years residency in Lee County.  A Lee county resident who graduated from a local public high school and a local university.  She has lived, worked, operated a business  and /volunteered in this community for nearly six decades; consequently, Lydia has  intimate knowledge of the shifting changes that have had a direct impact on the residents,  businesses  , social service/health care organizations and government agencies in Lee County.  Lengthy involvement with various groups and agencies has provided her with insight into the city of Fort Myers that few long term elected officials have acquired.  Consequently she is very much aware of the areas that require careful oversight as Fort Myers struggles to provide the services of its expanding and increasingly diverse population.


Why is she running for Mayor of Fort Myers?

Years of service have given Lydia fact based knowledge of the critical issues facing the City of Fort Myers: The need to support new Police Chief Diggs and communities dealing with the negative impact of  violent crime which results in adverse impact on the economic well-being as well as the mental health of residents; need for open informative town hall presentations for all residents particularly when in pertains to developers; the changing form of government in Fort Myers which has relegated the role of Mayor to “7th member of the city council” and as a result the role of City Council Members has become increasingly important. “…the job of the Mayor and the council to provide the correct policy decisions that will insure the protection, safety and needs of all of its residents, be they individuals or businesses.”

Lydia is aware that the shift in the role of the Mayor has therefore resulted in a more important role for City Council Members in shaping the future direction of the city of Fort Myers.  As the role of the City Council Members becomes more important their knowledge of government agencies, communities and issues has to include the needs of constituent within the District has to expand to include the needs of the entire city and the impact of those needs of the Council Member constituents.  Lydia is imminently qualified to fill that expanded role.


Why should you vote for her?

She is the most qualified candidate to fill this position in terms of education [bachelor’s in business] experience [nearly three decades working in government agencies and volunteering with a plethora of professional/community/political organizations] and a firm commitment to all residents of Fort Myers.  Lydia’s style is that of a dedicated, cooperative person willing to listen to others regardless of age, gender, income or ethnicity.  Her goal is to utilize her knowledge skills and “full attention to the needs of the constituents in District 5 and the City of Fort Myers.


More information

Contact:; 239-470-4178