Minnie Jackson is a lifelong resident of Fort Myers, and for 35 years she worked as a nurse and a director of various departments in the Lee Memorial Health System. For 35 years she has called Ward 3 her home, and now she is running for a seat on the Fort Myers City Council. Master’s in Human Resources and Administration.

As a director at Lee Memorial she developed skills in leadership, budgeting, collaboration, negotiation and policy procedures. Councilwoman Gaile Anthony was her boss when employed by Lee Health.


Why is she running?

I am running because I see a need for a new beginning. I see that there’s a misconception as to why wards were established; the original purpose was to bring ‘wholeness’ to a city, diminish separation, and make the city a more functional place. I believe my leadership skills, and experience in budgeting, collaborating, negotiating, and developing policy procedures will benefit the city council.  We should have a professional discussion, and come up with a win-win with each ward. Each ward is an integral part of Fort Myers, and when each succeeds, the whole City succeeds.


Policies most important to you:

  • I want to focus on the youth, broaden their thinking.
  • We should improve the infrastructure of the city
  • We must bring more transparency to the budgeting process
  • Continue to build a relationship with the new police chief, so he may do his job
  • We must keep people more informed with issues in City Hall


What makes you stand out from others running?

“I’m a negotiator, not a fighter” Ms. Jackson said “I know how to get people to collaborate.”

“It’s important to have affiliations with other groups. You can know more when you consult with others. I’m running to say “This is what I can offer the City of Fort Myers, this is what I can bring to the table.”


What makes a Democrat different from other candidates.

The Democratic Party makes me feel that “I am a part” It’s not based on my socioeconomic status, it’s based on the needs of The People.”


More information


Contact: deltamini@aol.com; 239-357-7461