James Schneider is originally from Annapolis Maryland, but has resided in Cape Coral for four years. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, with degrees in  English and Public Administration. While in Maryland, Mr. Schneider worked as a real estate broker, and owned Sotheby’s of Maryland, among many other projects he was involved with. Mr. Schneider moved to the Cape because he wanted a mortgage-free life near  accessible waterways.


What makes you the most qualified candidate?

“Everyone who runs for Council, should act as though they are going to run the City.” I am from a business background and have managed over 200 employees. “I understand budgeting and I know how to be fiscally smart.” “Understand marketing, was my job,” he went on,  “I know how to ‘sell’ the city.” I don’t see that my opponent has the foresight, insight and experience necessary to promote the City of Cape Coral.”

My opponent says simply: “we must bring in big businesses which will bring in jobs,” but

Cape Coral is platted as a residential community. We cannot invite Gardner, we can’t invite Suntrust, we can’t invite a massive biomedical company to come in there, it’s unrealistic.”


Past experience

James Schneider has experience making million dollar real estate deals in Annapolis, where he also served as Chairman for more than 30 professional association committees. He was also the founder + president of a food bank in Maryland.

I was fundraising chairman for 3 major hospice programs in the Baltimore – Maryland – Dc area for two years, raised over 2 million dollars from events.


Most important issues in your community?

  • “We need to preserve our green space When green space is gone, it’s gone.” I was first commissioner to veto the DR Horton request to purchase the Old Golf Course
  • There has to be a connective tissue within the community
  • Enhance the relationship with South Cape, the CRA, entertainment and hospitality organizations.
  • Continue with the Bimini Basin, but after the Seven Island project is completed. We need to preserve the residential feel of the community.
  • Improves the wages and benefits of the city’s employees the police and the fire. Performance bonuses, private public partnership. Retain who they have and encourage employees, and need a program to recruit people.
  • We need to work on roadway blight in northeast and northwest, better lighting, foliage on the medians.
  • Reach out to Veterans, provide a place to live, get healthcare, work and get an education
  • Learn how to assist our police with the increase in crime. How can we do a public program that works with them?


What makes a Democratic candidate different to other candidates

People and the environment are very important to me, not just attracting businesses.

Cape Coral looks like a wannabe concrete jungle, and we must make more green spaces, not just invite in more big buildings for tax revenue.

We have to make our City more welcoming. Republicans have shown no history of working on these things.


More information



Contact: SchneiderElection@gmail.com; 239-800-3449