April Freeman is well known to many Southwest Florida residents. Aside from being a highly skilled TV and film producer she describes herself as “a wife, a mother business owner, grandmother, and former candidate for Congress.” From a young age, April has had a desire to serve her community. April studied Communications, Economics and Political Science at Yale, and is also a graduate of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale.

During a recent campaign, she noticed that many residents had never seen their own representatives; some did not even know who their representatives were. April wants to change this. She will focus all of her energy to serving her hometown of Cape Coral, and doing what is best for its residents.

April’s decision to run for Mayor of Cape Coral was informed by her desire to stay closer to her father, following her mother’s passing late last June. Spending part of her time in Washington, she was reminded, would keep her away from where she felt needed the most: near her family and community.


Most Important Issues

  • Co-operation within city government; we need a  City Council which works together
  • Transparency in government; citizens must be informed of the issues
  • Attracting high tech jobs to Cape Coral; this will serve the needs of all residents
  • Fight the increase in crime make Cape Coral a safe place to raise our families


What is the Democratic Difference?

What many people don’t realize, she says is that many Democrats are fiscally conservative. Democrats want to “spend smartly” and do what is in the best interests for all residents, not just a few.


More information



Contact: info@AprilFreeman.com; 239-851-2484