Nicole Dillion – Candidate for Mayor of Fort Myers

By Pat Washington

Who is she?

Nicole Dillon is running for Mayor of Fort Myers Florida on the Democratic ticket and she is “a real deal Floridian and Fort Myers resident.” A woman who has been a lifelong resident of Lee County graduating from elementary, middle and public high schools. Nicole also attended Edison College [now Florida Southwestern College] before transferring to FGCU where she completed a bachelor’s degree.  Her 2 daughters successfully graduated from public schools in Fort Myers and now her grandchildren are students in local public schools.

She is a daughter, mother and grandmother who has successfully challenged herself to provide a better life for her family and her community. With heroes like Claire Huxtable, Nicole Dillon has been motivated to become a successful professional woman and mother.  With heroes like Erin Brockovich there was inspiration and “confidence that no matter the obstacle life throws at you with a well-made up mind, determination and a heart…you can accomplish anything in life.”


Why is she running for Mayor of Fort Myers?

Nicole believes that the city of Fort Myers needs “strong representation” to defend the have and the have nots.”  She cares about “gun violence, drug infested regions in Dunbar, misuse of taxpayer money and the injustice [that have occurred] with law enforcement.

Nicole’s ideas for improvement in Fort Myers  requires changes that requires residents, Chief of Police Diggs, businesses and the City Manager of Fort Myers to engage in cooperative activities such as:

Encourage community organizations [churches, civic groups, sororities/fraternities etc.,] and the Fort Myers Police Department to recognize as well as reward police officers who’ve provided outstanding community outreach focusing of adolescents and senior citizens; provide incentives for more residents to become active in their communities by voting and to applying for positions in Police Community Review Board; provide incentives for new businesses like Aldi’s to hire diverse staff that represent all of the citizens of Fort Myers; and urge the City Manager to support Police Chief Diggs by providing him with the resources he needs to hire, retain and promote exceptional law enforcement officers.


Why should you vote for her?

Nicole Dillon is a longtime resident with a multi-generational commitment and understanding of the city of Fort Myers.  She wants to address high crime rates, drug infested regions of the community, better utilize tax payer funds and work collaboratively with businesses as well as residents who live throughout the city of Fort Myers.  Nicole believes the City of Fort Myers is a good place to live; however, she would like to become your Mayor in order to make the city that she loves a magnificent place to live for all of its residents.

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More information

Contact:; 239-333-7983