Curtis Sheard has led a unique path to becoming a candidate for Fort Myers’ Mayor. He was raised in Fort Myers, and has served our country as an officer in the US Army. In the private sector, Curt has worked as a licensed general contractor, and owns the product line Big Boys BBQ. Being in business and solving budgeting and personnel issues, says Mr. Sheard, “makes him uniquely qualified for the job.”

“I’ve done so much in my short life,” though his priority now is being the candidate who can defeat the establishment.

“I am a people person, not politician,” Curt says,


Most important policies

The most important policy for Curtis Sheard is the environment cleanup of the Dunbar neighborhood, to include the dumping of treated water into the Caloosahatchee. Mr. Sheard had some unique ideas, and went on to say, “There’s a $780,000 grant to build a water pipeline with Cape Coral, so that we can sell that water to the Cape.”

“‘Why not’ is the question,” Curtis Sheard went on, “the city wants more for the water so we’d rather just dump it for free; that’s just crazy to me. We should spend a little money, build a pipeline, sell it to the Cape for a 40 year deal, it’ll pay for itself.”

For law enforcement, Curtis Sheard wants to allow the Freeh report to be the matrix upon which the Chief and our Police Department are evaluated. “We also have to make sure the citizens are aware of, and are included in the decision making process decisions being made on the Citizen’s Police Review Board.”

(editor’s note: see our story on Citizen’s Advisory Boards to learn more and get involved)


Parks and Recreation

Curt believes that our children and the Parks & Recreation system are so important, but some kids are missing out on the benefit of having ample space to play and exercise.  “My philosophy is that if you give them a place to play, they’ll stay out of trouble. If they stay out of trouble, they’ll free up the police to go out and solve crimes.”

A better parks system could be a better way to generate revenue, Sheard says. “If we had a 5 field park with a major centerfield, rubberized track, we could sign a deal to sign major conferences to play youth football, soccer, lacrosse, softball, rugby, what have you.”

These youth clubs bring parents, which brings hotel stays, which brings bed taxes. “If people understand that Fort Myers has great parks and is family oriented, they’ll want to move here, and that’s tax dollars.”


What is the Democratic difference?

“Democrats are flexible, and adaptable – we’re not rigid free thinkers, we don’t follow status quo, we’re able to discern problems and look at alternatives, we’re not herded like cattle. If we take this opportunity to get people energized and get out to vote, it can pay great dividends.”


More information

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