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Image of Ilhan Omar
11 Nov

The Majestic Women of Africa

Join the African Network of Southwest Florida and the Lee County Democrats for a special gala honoring women of Africa.   In the 2016 elections, one of the few bright spots was the election of a gifted woman named Ilhan ...

16 Aug

“Venting” Session hosted by Democratic Progressive Caucus

We’re all sick and tired of the nightmare living in the White House, and want to complain about trump like crazy. However, we’re also probably all sick and tired of holding it all in around our co-workers and family members. ...

27 Jun

Choices to be made in Cape Coral

Cape Coral is in for some changes, and it’s going to affect you and your family in some very big ways. It will affect the money in your wallet, the traffic on the streets, how safe and successful you might ...

14 Sep

Pot Luck & Passion

The Lee County Democrats Invite you to Potluck& Passion at the Edwards Building 10051 McGregor Boulevard, Room 103 Fort Myers, Fl 33919  September 14, 2014 2:00pm You are invited to put your passion to work. Together we’ll enjoy the company ...