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 Early/Vote by Mail/Election Day voting information for Fort Myers Beach/Sanibel, Cape Coral and Fort Myers, click on the link below:

2017 Election Highlights_012017_eng.pdf



The Supervisor of Elections recently mailed a request for ballot by mail through 2018 and a new voter registration to each registered voter in Lee County.  It is very important that you complete both and return them as soon as possible. You should re-register every 3rd year because your signature changes over time. Please make sure you request a vote by mail ballot if you have not received one in the past, so that you can take you time and vote from the comfort of your home.
On the web (visitenos en la veb en el)

To make sure that your registration is current it is important that you update your voter’s registration to insure your right to vote:

  • Over time our signatures change, update to be sure that your signature is not challenged.
  • You have changed your address.  If this is within Florida, it can be done over the phone, 239-533-8683.
  • Your name has changed.

MAIN OFFICE                                                        239-533-8683

SOUTH FORT MYERS BRANCH                          239-533-6918

CAPE CORAL BRANCH                                        239-533-7031

BONITA SPRINGS BRANCH                                239-949-1581

POLLWORKER DEPARTMENT                           239-533-6900

ASENTEE REQUESTS                                         239-533-6919


OFICINA PRINCIPAL                                            239-533-8683

OFICINA DE SOUTH FORT MYERS                    239-533-6918

OFICINADE CAPE CORAL                                   239-533-7031

OFICINA DE BONITA SPRINGS                          239-949-1581


SOLICITAR BOLETA AUSENTE                          239-533-6919