Cape Coral is in for some changes, and it’s going to affect you and your family in some very big ways.

It will affect the money in your wallet, the traffic on the streets, how safe and successful you might be, and which building projects are approved and where.

It will affect the water supply and how clean and expensive it is, how nice your parks and natural environments are, how fair and useful the cities’ policies are, and ultimately, how much fun and satisfaction you can have while living in your community.

This fall, in what is often treated as a ho-hum affair, voters will elect a new mayor and three council members – people who will have the power to choose the city’s priorities and spend your tax money on them.

That’s a big deal. Those are the kinds of decisions that can make a community a pleasure to live in or an unpleasant, inequitable urban mess.

The exciting news here is that this election gives us the power to steer the course of our community in very important ways.

Do you want to have a say in how the city develops its 175 acres of defunct Golf Course land?

Do you want the city to encourage the development of affordable workforce housing?

As the city renegotiates its agreement with LCEC, do you want the city to adopt clean energy goals to fight sea-level rise and make the city more solar friendly to bring good-paying jobs here?

Are you happy with the way the city oversees and funds its charter school program? Do you think we need more sidewalks, street lights or boat ramps?

Are you happy with the city’s plans to develop the 48-acre Seven Islands area into an eight-story shopping, dining and entertainment destination? Are you happy with the city’s plans to promote the development of a commercial, retail and housing project along Bimini Basin? Do you have concerns about these projects?

If you want to shape how Cape Coral develops and promote democratic ideas here at home, find out which candidates share your priorities and vote. Then encourage your friends to vote, too.

The primary will be held Sept. 12 and the general election will be held Nov. 7.  In addition to the mayor’s position, council members in districts 1, 4 and 6 are up for election. Remember, the elections are “at large,” which means all voters in Cape Coral can vote for candidates in every district.

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