Volunteers Needed!

We have the resources, we have the space,

we need YOU.

Join the 2019 team and get involved!

These are the achievement to date.


  • We have increased our communication outreach by purchasing access to a larger email distributor and boosting our presence on Facebook.   
  • Through our Outreach Program, we were able to host an event at the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium to welcome and introduce
  • We had over 150 members and leaders attend from 5 counties, as well as leaders from other organizations that we are engaging with, including Indivisible and Resistance.   Many of the attendees signed up to become members of the DEC, volunteer, donate and some even joined as members of the Calusa Nature Center.  Which, that too is part of the grant proposal to increase awareness of the facilities in the area that help promote S.T.E.A.M. ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)  programs to our children.  
  • We were able to help the Black Caucus pay for space for their upcoming event, on July 30 “Sweet Potato Pie, Ice Cream and Politics.”   
  • We have purchased 2 mini projectors to be used for VAN training and other programs.   
  • To promote voter registration, phone banking, canvassing, and door knocking, we purchased 4 cell phones, 2 internet tablets, and 1 “jet pack” or “hot spot” for internet connectivity out in the field.  The phone bill is being paid with the money from the grant.  
  • We also purchased 3000 “Vote By Mail” magnets to be distributed through all the clubs and caucuses at every event possible, to help promote the program.  

We continue to work towards meeting all the goals and metrics required in the Grant Proposal successfully by the end of the year, so we can apply to receive it again next year.


That is what we have completed to date.  This money has helped the Democratic Party of Lee County receive recognition from the top state leaders in Florida, and move our office forward with technology and greater exposure that we would not have been able to achieve without it.  


The ultimate result requires the participation of as many volunteers as possible, to register new voters and get them out to VOTE!   We can’t expect change in this County, State or the Country, unless we increase our voting electorate.  It is a Marathon, not a Sprint!  




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