October is LGBT+ history month. The Lee County Democratic party celebrated by having a booth at SWFL Pride on Saturday Oct. 7th.

At our booth we gave out prizes, played games, and registered people to vote. We collected over 100 new Emails for our mailing list and signed up multiple new volunteers. It was a wonderful, fun, and productive day.

Being at any pride e vent is always a great experience; You don’t have to worry about people judging you for things you can not control like your sexual preference, gender identity and/or expression.

The Lee County Democratic party doesn’t just accept you for who you are, we celebrate it.

While June focuses on LGBT+ pride, this month is about remembering how far LGBT+ rights have come and how far they still need to go….

LGBT Milestones: Fighting for Equal Rights

Key dates to know, in the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ equality:

  • 1924: First known gay rights org., Society for Human Rights founded
  • 1952-1973: Homosexuality listed as disorder in American Psychiatric Assn.’s official handbook, DSM
  • 1953: President Eisenhower bans gays working in federal government
  • 1961: Illinois is first state to repeal sodomy laws & decriminalize
  • 1967: LGBT newspaper The (Los Angeles) Advocate first published 1969: Stonewall Inn raid, NYC
  • 1970: First gay pride parade, NYC
  • 1973: Maryland first state to ban same-sex marriage; PFLAG founded
  • 1978: Harvey Milk becomes San Francisco city supervisor; murdered
  • 1978: Rainbow flag created

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