FREE ACA health insurance — only ’til December 15th!

FREE health insurance — sounds too good to be true, right?It’s not:

On December 2nd, the Lee County Democratic Party can guide the hard working people of Southwest Florida to health insurance at our healthcare sign-up event.

The Democrats know that working people cannot afford to pay such high costs, driven by the drug, insurance and health industry lobbyists, and the gains we have made with healthcare, the Republican Party stand to be taken away. Due to the President’s blundering, however, subsidies to Florida Blue’s insurance plans will increase for the year 2018.

If you live in Lee or Collier County and do not get your health insurance from your employer, spouse, Medicare, etc, AND your family size/income is in the chart above, You can get FREE Florida Blue Cross Health Insurance for 2018. (rules apply) You can come to our Healthcare sign-up on Saturday, December 2nd to learn more and to sign up.

Until December 15th, insurance is available FOR FREE for many workers and their families. Most single people earning $12,060 to $24,120 qualify for a FREE ACA Silver plan, and those earning between $24,241 to $48,240 can qualify for a FREE ACA Bronze plan. A family of four with a household income of $24,600 to $49,200 can qualify for a FREE ACA Silver plan, and those earning between $49,446 and $98,400 can qualify for a FREE ACA Bronze plan.

You must sign up between November 1st and December 15th 2017. (some extensions to Dec 31 due to hurricane Irma)

Open enrollment ends on Dec 15th (extension to Dec 31 for most due to the hurricane).

After December, this opportunity is GONE, and depending on the tax bill working its way through the Senate, it may be gone forever after next year.

There are about 100,000 people in Lee and Collier that DO NOT know about this and have not signed up in the past for the ACA Marketplace insurance. There are an additional 100,000 people who are already on the ACA and are paying none or reduced premiums as a result of the law.

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