Evening with Ilhan Omar

The Democratic Party of Lee County was delighted to host an evening meet and greet with Minnesota State Representative Ilhan Omar. Representative Omar is the first Somali-American elected to office in the United States. At the event Rep. Omar spoke passionately about the recent electoral victories for the Democratic Party across the country. Rep. Omar answered many questions from the audience that ranged from why she got involved in politics to questions about her life journey from Somalia to Minneapolis, Minnesota. She challenged local Democrats to continue the recent democratic victories from across the country in the Lee County 2018 election cycle.

Rep. Omar is a refreshing voice in an otherwise difficult year. She embodies many of the identities that are often criticized by the current Administration; as a practicing Muslim who was a refugee from the East African country of Somalia, which is currently under the travel ban. Ilhan Omar rose above the divisive rhetoric of political commentators and displayed an outstanding example of leadership that is too often absent in our current state of affairs. It goes without saying that we are all excited to follow Rep. Omar’s political career.

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