Following the 2016 election many activists where left questioning what went wrong and how we got to our current situation. If the special elections victories for Democrats from the past two years have shown anything it is that many have not lost hope across the country and if anything are more energized and involved. In Southwest Florida, where many Democrats have often felt hopeless and disenchanted under the elected Republican leadership there has been a visible showing of activism and energy within local Democrat clubs and progressive organizations. The Senate election in Alabama proved that even in an extreme situation that victory is possible for Democrats.

2018 in Florida is looking like a year poised for history, the Governorship is available, Senator Nelson is up for re-election, all Congressional seats are up for election, State Representatives are on the ballot, and locally County Commissioners and School Board Members are up for election. History could be made in Lee County where for over 120 years there has never been an elected School Board Member from a minority community, and this year Gerri Ware and Karen Putman-Watson are running in competitive elections for School Board Districts. Most importantly a Florida Constitutional Amendment will be on the ballot to restore voting rights to 1.6 million Floridians. Democrats have a real opportunity to make change across the state and here in Lee County, but the Blue Wave won’t happen on its own. Lee County will need an unprecedented voter turnout to get the desired results and to make that happen we will need your help! Whether you can knock on doors, register voters in your neighborhoods, make phone calls to registered Democrats, help at our office with administrative duties, or support candidates financially. It will take a committed effort from our entire community to cause a tectonic shift in our national, state and local government. The Blue Wave is possible, but not without your help!

For more information you can contact us via email or call our office 239-939-2866 about how we can Turn Lee County Blue!