Florida’s District 79 is a fast-growing, Democratic leaning portion of eastern Lee County which  Mark Lipton seeks to represent.

He notes that “it’s easy to pledge not to take donations from big PAC’s, as no one is offering it to me.”

He retired a year ago after working 46 years as an attorney for Labor unions and as an advocate for the disabled. He studied law at US Berkeley under Reagan, who “taught me to be aware of politics.” Mr. Lipton has made it clear that he “respects unions more that [he] can say.” His top priority of universal healthcare was hindered significantly by our current governor’s obstinate refusal to expand Florida’s Medicaid program as authorized under the ACA. As Mr. Lipton says “it cost jobs, it’s bad for mental health and [the expansion] is still available.”

Mark Lipton understands that free preventative care will serve a tremendous public health benefit, as early screenings for mental health, heart disease, diabetes can save lives, and help prevent the next mass shooting.

For more information, visit Mark Lipton’s campaign site, and help us Turn Lee Blue!



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