Todd James Truax Candidate for Florida’s Congressional District 19 in the US House of Representatives.

Todd moved from Cleveland to Florida 20 years ago, not to retire but to work and serve his community.  Todd says he advocates for everyone not the 1%. Todd is a Social-worker and a licensed Nursing Home Administrator he focuses on the disabled, those with mental health issues and the aging.  He labels himself a Progressive who stands for social justice, Universal Health care, Women’s Right to choose and supports changes to our current Gun Control measures.

He volunteers with Bonita Café of Life and has served on the board for over 6 years.  Café for Life feeds the hungry 5 days a week and helps those that need help with living expenses.  He also feels strongly about preserving our water and coast line and volunteers at Coastal Clean up days.

Todd decided to run for Congress because he didn’t feel he had representation.  He highlights that he is not the usual wealthy candidate with developer friends. Todd stated “I’m the Real Deal and I’m for 100% of the people”

For more information, please visit Todd James Truax’s campaign site and help us Turn Lee Blue!


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