Debbie Jordan is running for Lee County School Board District 4. She is a forty year resident of Southwest Florida, and has previously served as the President of the Lee/Charlotte Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association. She is also the NAACP Youth Group Co-Chair and Mentor-ACT-SO program, (Academic, Culture technology, scientific, Olympics) Working with students throughout Lee County promoting greatness and working with them to achieve the gold medal.


She decided to run for School Board last year after assisting her grandson get the help he deserved in 1st grade. Her grandson’s (and many other students’) unique challenges make it extremely difficult to receive the level of support necessary, because of the staffing shortfall.

She believes that “neither the County nor the State has done their part in sending money back to the school district.”


What makes Debbie  unique from the other candidates is that she has “been involved with the school’s and the district for over 35 years,” and is still very involved. As well as having grandchild in six of our schools within the district she is also involved with the PTA, Business Partners, Mentoring, and Advocating for the children and the teachers. Having also served as the President of the Lee Charlotte Florida Restaurant & Lodging, she traveled regularly to Tallahassee and to Washington to lobby for the rights of our Industry.


Ms. Jordan notes that each of our schools “has a different culture which starts at the top – a culture that can be seen moving through the schools from the minute you step on the school grounds. To the teachers and through the eyes and the smiles of the children, this is what builds a community: schools where everyone is a part and everyone grows together. A helping hand up.”

For more information about Debbie Jordan, please visit her website.

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