Despite growing up in unfavorable situations, I was determined to succeed. Growing up, my mother was killed by gun violence. I was staying the night with my Aunt and Uncle at the time of the news. Mom had a fight with her boyfriend and he took the gun and shot her in the heart. She died on the scene. My Aunt and Uncle, on their own, raised my sister and me with their other 5 kids. Years later my Aunt was killed with one bullet to the head and was left behind Harlem East Rec Center. This took a toll on me as, year after year, someone that was close to me was killed by a gun. This led me to build a determination to focus on making sure that others around me were safe. After organizing and taking students to Washington, DC, for the “March for our lives” gun rally after the Parkland shooting, I finalized my desire to run for School Board.

What do you hope to achieve if elected?

Introduce a Superintendent concert which will allow students to select who the celebrity entertainer will be while raising funds for schools; and, having a mentorship program for students by connecting with local businesses to help prepare students for life after school.


What are the issues on which you hope to make the biggest difference?

My experience and foundation has led me to focus on four issues: safety in the school, excellence in the classroom, diversity within administration, and financial stewardship.


For more information about Taruas Pugh and his campaign, please visit his website.

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