Devin Carver

Lee County Mosquito Control has the highest budget of any board in the entire world more than some whole countries. They operate with little to no oversight by the people of Lee County. I am running to change that. I believe we need scientific minded, community driven, progressive leaders on the board and I am stepping up to be that. I decided to run because I think it is my civic duty to stand up when I see a need in the community.

I am currently running unopposed but what sets me apart from the other board members is my eagerness for change and a willingness to listen to citizens about the direction of the department.

I hope with my placement on the board I can achieve open lines of communication with citizens and create a department that works directly for the people of Lee County.  Currently Lee County Mosquito Control is being sued by its constituents over a land purchase on Pine Island. I hope I can bring a fresh perspective to the situation that helps the department function effectively without interrupting citizens way of life.

For more information about Devin Carver and her campaign, please visit her website.

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