Alanis Garcia

The biggest motivator, I would have to say, was the response from the kids at Parkland to the shooting.  After the massacre the kids pushed for changes and surprisingly they got some.   Common knowledge was that the cycle after every shooting was outrage, debate, then nothing until the next one.  Instead, here in Florida we raised the minimum age for gun purchase and red flag laws were passed.  It was a small change, but one I never thought I would see.  And these children stood up to so much hatred to get their message out, that they wanted change, and if it did not happen then those in office need to be voted out.   In my district no one was running against Dane Eagle despite him being a large gun rights activist.  I decided that if these Kids, many years younger than me, were willing to put themselves out there to get change I would as well.


Most legislators out there are from professions or from jobs people see as high paying.  Doctors, lawyers, professors, real estate agents, the picture the voters get is that these are people who have it made and they do not know what it’s like to live from paycheck to paycheck.  Often they talk about helping the “common” man but none of them have been one and would not know what the working class would need or want.  I do as I am one.  I know what it means when the car loses a tire and the choice becomes fixing the car or having lunch that month.  I believe that the house of representatives needs that view point as well as those in professions.


The three biggest issues in my platform are responsible gun ownership/control, LGBTQIA+ rights, and the environment, and I would like to see changes on these.  We passed a few gun laws with the Stoneman Douglas act but it is only a start.   We need to work further and Texas just reinforces that point.  Our local economy is based on tourism and snow birds,  much of that is due to the water around us, but the Yacht Club is closed at least once a year because of red tide, the Bimini Basin was too full of fecal matter to allow our annual cardboard race and we have a federal government which currently seems to care about money first, the environment  last.  If we do not do something soon the water that makes us such an attraction will no longer be usable and our economy will not have the tourists we need.  Finally, in the last decade we have seen a swing in how our population views the LGBTQIA+ community and because of this more and more of us are coming out of the closet.  But the laws that gives everyone the rights to work, rent, and exist have not been updated to include us.   The laws need to be updated so that we can move on from policing bathrooms and instead focus on helping with other issues, such as the economy.


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