Neil Ayers

I have lived in Lee County for about 25 years.  For most of that time I worked in environmental service.  I have been involved with Lee County’s water quality, both at Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve and Lee County Environmental Lab.  Water quality and environmental issues are what made me decide to run for office.


I have been a Democrat for a long time.  I enthusiastically and unambiguously support the positions of Democrats on Education, Jobs, Health Care, Women’s Rights and Civil Rights, etc.  I have informed opinions on these topics, but my main area of expertise is in the environmental field. I have worked in the great outdoors as well as studying water quality policy at FGCU.  We have a proud legacy: a half century ago the residents of Lee County were responsible for changes in laws that transformed how Florida coastlines were developed and protected. I’d like to see us carry on in that tradition.


Restoring the historic flows of the Everglades continues to be my main concern.  Progress is being made, but we can do better. The economy of Lee County, principally District 76, is strongly correlated to environmental quality, especially water quality.  Jobs and real estate value are particularly vulnerable. The “quality of life” aspects of healthy coastal waters are not just important to those that live here year round, but also attract vacationers and seasonal residents from whom our economy derives enormous benefit.

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