David is a progressive whose goal is the advancement of Florida.  As an Eagle Scout and environmentalist, David is dedicated to protecting our natural beauty and resources.  David wants to work as a representative fighting for the issues important to his district and Florida and knows how to get things done.


In Mr. Bogner’s own words: “Our current representation in the Florida House is not serving us and I know I can do better. I plan on bringing both my energy, passion for change, and background in political science to make progress toward a better Florida. My main goals are fixing issues that threaten both our environment and economy here in southwest Florida, protecting the power of local governments to solve their own issues instead of having the state tie county and municipal governments’ hands, and fixing the broken education system that takes money from public schools and give it to private and charter schools. Most importantly, I am going to be an open representative; I want to hear from my constituents about issues they want addressed, because a politician that does not listen to those they represent does not deserve to serve.”


For more information about David Bogner and his campaign, please visit his website.

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