Karen Putman Watson

As a native of Lee County and believe I can provide my experience, education and community connections to ensure all children receive fair, equitable and quality education to reach their highest potential.

Having worked as a teacher and in numerous capacities for the Lee County School District for over 22 years, Ms. Watson has made an impact on her community. “I am involved and connected to the community.  I have experience of being on boards and holding executive positions.  My role as an Executive Director in the 7 years has equipped me to take on this role.”

Her past experiences:

2004-2006 – served as Chair Person for Health Committee of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

2007-2011 – Board of Directors of Our Mother’s Home of Southwest FL Inc., 1 ½ years as Vice President and two years as President.

2011 – present- Executive Director of Our Mother’s Home of Southwest FL Inc. Increasing and maintaing budget and quality care and service to teen moms in foster care. I have written and received grants.

2017 to present- Member of Curriculum Advisory Committee of School District of Lee County

The top priorities for Karen Putman Watson are:

    • To increase Graduation/GED rate.
    • To hire quality teachers and increase retention.
    • To ensure supportive services/resources available to teachers, parents and students.


In her own words, Ms Watson is running “To ensure that every child receives a quality education to reach their successful potential and become productive community members.”

For more information about Karen Putman Watson, please visit her website.

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