The recent shootings call for our nation’s leaders to stop the rhetoric of hate and address gun violence.
Today, we join families grieving the lost lives of their loved ones in the tragedies of El Paso and Dayton. These tragedies keep reminding us why we can’t wait longer to stop gun violence, hate, and racism in our communities.
There is an epidemic happening in our country and our nation’s leaders are complicit. Trump is complicit by constantly spewing hateful rhetoric towards immigrants and people of color.
Republicans in Congress are complicit by denying the need to address gun violence and supporting racist, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim laws from the Trump administration.
Local elected officials, especially here in Florida, are complicit by making our state and our cities less safe for immigrants and people of color.
2020 can’t come soon enough!
Now is the time for action, we won’t take a day off until November 3, 2020.
Join us, we need your time, energy and resources to save our democracy!
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