We are launching the #TuVotoEsMiVoto campaign. Puerto Ricans in Florida can change the future of this country with their vote. Below are four ways to share your story.

This campaign is a call to action not just for Puerto Ricans in Florida, but for friends and family on the island to encourage those in Florida to vote. We need to elect a president who will fight for Puerto Rico: Joe Biden.

Here are the four ways to take action:

Download graphics and find click-to-tweet guidance in our Puerto Rico Plan Toolkit (Available in Spanish and English)
🇵🇷  Review how to tell your story on social media (Available in Spanish)
🇵🇷  Record your story on Soapboxx (Available in Spanish and English)
🇵🇷. Retweet our first #TuVotoEsMiVoto story here.
Make sure to use the hashtags #VamosConBiden and #TuVotoEsMiVoto when sharing your story and don’t forget to record your story here!
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