Fort Myers is dealing with TWO homeless crises.

Democratic candidates Shawn Williams, running for the Florida House, Todd Truax, running for the Lee County Commission and Jacquelyn McMiller, running for Fort Myers Mayor, will hold a press conference Friday, Oct. 9, at 9:30 a.m. on the steps of the Lee County Courthouse, 2120 Main Street, Fort Myers. They will offer proposals to deal with the two homeless crises that have erupted in Fort Myers.
— The three candidates will outline the solutions available today to provide shelter for the homeless people currently being evicted from Centennial Park. Housing for these people is available today; they do not need to be forced out and made to find another makeshift shelter.
— The candidates will also point to a second homeless crisis that looms now because of Gov. DeSantis’s sudden decision to end the Florida eviction moratorium. The failure by Mr. DeSantis and other Republican officials to prepare people for the moratorium’s end has left many families unable to pay rents or utility bills and evictions have already begun. This is a new homelessness crisis that has already begun in Fort Myers.
Mr. Williams is a Certified Public Accountant with long experience on Lee County housing boards and committees. He is running for the Florida House in District 78. 
Mr. Truax has 30 years experience in healthcare administration, is a licensed social worker and sits on public-service boards including that of the Cafe of Life. He is running for Lee County Commission Seat #3. 
Ms. McMiller is a long-time Fort Myers resident who worked as a child-protection investigator and field supervisor. She was Fort Myers point person for housing referrals for the Dept. of Children and Families. She is running for Mayor of Fort Myers.
For more information or to contact the candidates on Friday, please phone Shawn Williams at 239-994-5225.
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