THIS Tuesday, May 11th, 5:30 pm

Please show up by 5:00 pm to sign up for a limited Public Comment slot.
Wear Pride Colors to let the Board know you are there to support all students!

WHERE: 2855 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, 33966

Most of us can never know what it’s like to be a young transgender person, but we can agree that transgender kids should be treated with dignity and respect, like everyone else. Recent school board decisions have put these kids into jeopardy at their own schools.

Instead of standing up for the most vulnerable students [high suicide rates], the Lee County School Board is seriously considering scrubbing the Best Practices Guide because of false information about the use of restrooms and changing facilities. Current Lee School policy is to provide private accommodations (bathrooms, changing facilities) to any student who
requests it.

Lee County is legally required to protect and meet the unique needs of LGBTQ youth, including transgender young people. This guide provides clear procedures for schools so that faculty and staff can follow existing policies and current law, to ensure students are treated equitably.

Removing these guidelines doesn’t remove the responsibility – it is caving in to lies and hate.

If you are unable to attend or plan to attend but not sign up to speak, please EMAIL the Lee County School Board members to let them know you support equitable treatment for all students, and this Best Practices Guide — especially our trans kids.
*Please send your email by 4:00pm Tuesday, May 11.
Gabe Spuckes, Lee Dems Chair
Jim Rosinus, Lee Dems Vice Chair
Shawn WIlliams, Lee Co LGBTQ+ Caucus President
Lee County Democrats
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