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There has been a lot happening at the Florida Democratic Party, with most of it centering on building a sustainable organization.

The finances are steadily improving. The FDP is hiring staff. Visit Floridadems.org to see the open positions. Most positions do not have specific location requirements.


 The Rules Committee has been hard at work hammering out a plan to bring the Florida Democratic Party rules in compliance with the Democratic National Committee rules for election of officers and DNC members. The resulting proposal was narrowly passed at the May 22nd meeting of the FDP State Executive Committee.

The rules completely revamp how many State Committee Member seats each county will have available to fill. Additionally, the diversity of those State Committee Members must, at a minimum, reflect the diversity of the registered Democrats in that county. Based on the results of the 2020 election, Lee County would have 9 State Committee Members, with a minimum of 3 seats filled by individuals of color. All county DECs will be required to have a Diversity and Inclusion Committee and a representative from each county to act as liaison with the state Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The implementation of D&I policies will be overseen by the state D&I Committee. Any county DEC found to not be in compliance with the policy will find that their entire State Committee Member delegation will not be seated.

There will be ongoing work between now and December 2024 to fine-tune the requirements to ensure equitable representation for all underserved groups.

These new rules will go into effect after the 2024 election.

The Judicial Council has met several times, with hearings scheduled for next month.

 Chair Diaz has constantly reminded us that we are all Democrats and we need to keep our focus on working together to elect Democrats up and down the ticket. We cannot do this without your support. Please consider volunteering with the Lee County DEC. Also, please consider a sustaining donation to the Lee County Democratic Executive Committee and/or the Florida Democratic Party. There is so much to be done and the clock is ticking.

~~Kari Lerner, Lee County DEC State Committeewoman

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