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Florida’s DeSantis-Enabled COVID-19 Health Crisis Continues to Worsen

  • We are experiencing an unprecedented, record-breaking spike in COVID-19 infections and coronavirus-related hospitalizations in the State of Florida.
  • An analysis by the Miami Herald indicated that “new cases increased almost eightfold during the month of July and have more than doubled in the past three weeks.”
  • This week Florida once again broke its COVID-19 hospitalization record, with 15,000 patients admitted and 3,000 of them in an Intensive Care Unit.
  • According to HHS, on Friday of last week the state requested 300 ventilators from the Federal Government to help address the needs of patients across Florida.
  • Right now, as kids begin to return to schools in most counties across Florida, the state is leading the nation in pediatric COVID-19 hospitalizations. In spite of that, Governor DeSantis continues to tout his dangerous and misguided executive order barring school districts from implementing the use of masks in K-12 facilities.
  • Despite the worsening health crisis, DeSantis continues to oppose any cities or municipalities expanding COVID public health measures, including enacting mask protocols.
  • The Governor has been traveling to other states such as Texas and Utah over the past weeks, promoting his own political brand, all while the state he purportedly governs is overrun with new COVID infections and hospitalizations.
  • Also, on his reelection campaign website, Governor Ron DeSantis is still selling campaign gear mocking President Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci and making light of mask wearing as a public health measure.
  • Governor DeSantis is more interested in downplaying the threat of this pandemic and appealing to a radical constituency within his own party than in acting decisively to protect Floridians from grave illness and death.
  • Governor DeSantis needs to stop playing politics and get to work in formulating an appropriate response to the COVID-19 surge our state is experiencing.
  • President Biden is right when he says that if Governor DeSantis is either unwilling or incapable of doing the right thing, he should simply “get out of the way” and let local elected officials make the appropriate decisions when it comes to securing the health and the lives of their constituents.
Honorable Kari Lerner, State Committeewoman Lee County DEC
Cape Coral/Pine Island Volunteer Leader
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