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October 26, 2021
For Immediate Release
Contact: Ayanna Young

ICYMI: The Florida Roundup The field for governor grows, a special ‘vaccine’ session, and can Florida help unclog global trade?

In a recent national public radio interview with “The Florida Roundup,” on Fri. Oct. 22, Florida Democratic Party Chairman Manny Diaz discussed the upcoming gubernatorial race to unseat DeSantis and bring real change for Floridians through the election of a Democrat to the Governor’s Mansion. He also spoke about the changes afoot in the Florida Democratic Party to achieve that goal. 
Listen to the interview by clicking below: 
Key Quotes from Chairman Manny Diaz:
  • “The freedom I hold very dear to me is getting my daily life back. We lead the nation with COVID deaths from the Delta variant.”
  • “We have a governor who is now doubling down again on policies to sabotage our health and slow our economic recovery because a sick population equals a sick economy.”
  • “And by the way, very scary, other countries are already reporting new mutants developing in other parts of the world which may very well end up here.”
  • “I think what all of us would like to see is going back to a normal life, back to a life where kids don’t have to wear masks in schools, back to a life where businesses can open, jobs are created what we used to have, normalcy. And to take any action right now that produces an opposite effect is just absolutely absurd.”
  • “What’s not going to happen anymore is a Democratic party that gets its field operation stood up only for each election, that limits its work and hopes in winning blue counties to get us over the top. It starts now.”
  • “The games that are being played with something called inactive voters. An inactive voter is still eligible to vote. But they are no longer recorded in the public numbers you and I both see. While you see the margin continue to dwindle, there are still more Democrats on the voter rolls than there are Republicans because all they have to do is show signs of life and show up to vote next November.”
  • “We’ve got people for example, we know for a fact voted in ’16, ’18 and ’20 and yet they are on the inactive list. I don’t understand that, it seems to me like a pretty active voter.” 

~~Kari Lerner, Lee County DEC State Committeewoman

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