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Hello Democrats & Happy New Year!

With Legislative Session fast approaching – it begins on January 11th – we wanted to share some exciting ways that you can get involved. Below are upcoming events around this year’s Legislative Session. Please join us and spread the word far and wide!

Day Before Session Online Rally 

In just one week, we will be embarking on this year’s Florida Legislative Session. In preparation, we would love for you all to join us at Noon, on Monday, January 10th  the day before the Legislative Session starts – for an Online Rally featuring some special guests! The Online Rally will highlight some our legislative priorities and how we hope to achieve them. Please sign up below AND share this email to spread the word! 
The People’s Rally Sign Up Form 

Rapid Response Team

The Rapid Response Team (RRT) needs you! During Legislative Session, bills will be presented that have an impact on all of our lives. We are building our Rapid Response Team to help us contact legislators, attend rallies/events, speak at press events and more in furtherance of our legislative priorities. If you are interested in signing up to join our team, please fill out this form and let us know which area you are interested in assisting with. There’s a ton to choose from! 
Rapid Response Interest Form

The upcoming Legislative Session will be monumental for Florida’s future. We need your support to get the word out to help us create a better Florida.

In Solidarity,

Rep. Angie Nixon
Political and Coalitions Director

~~Kari Lerner, Lee County DEC State Committeewoman

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