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April 3, 2023

Vanessa Lester

Florida Progressives Condemn Authoritarian Move
to Silence Women and Endanger Florida’s Families

Brandon – Vanessa Lester, President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF), has released the following statement:

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida condemns the arrests outside Tallahassee City Hall tonight of more than a dozen peaceful, pro-choice protestors, including Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book and Florida Democratic Party Chair, Nikki Fried. They were protesting the passage this afternoon of a blatantly unconstitutional 6-week abortion ban, which violates the right to privacy in the Constitution of the State of Florida. Abortion is health care!

Also, this afternoon the Legislature passed and Governor Ron DeSantis-in a private ceremony with NRA Lobbyists- signed permitless concealed carry into law. Guns are now less regulated than women’s bodies; and in Florida it’s easier to obtain a gun than to obtain healthcare. It’s clear that Governor Ron DeSantis and the Republicans in the Florida Legislature do not care about the health and well-being of Florida families. We are all less safe as a result of their actions.

We urge all of our members to call Mayor John Dailey’s office (850-891-2000) and tell him you are disgusted by the arrest of peaceful protestors, including Senator Lauren Book and Chair Nikki Fried, on City Hall property.

~~Letrecia Brown, Lee County DEC State Committeewoman

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