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May 17, 2023



Success is measured in election wins. In the first elections of the 2024 election cycle, Florida Democrats continue their ascent with massive victories in Florida’s largest city.

In the first test of the 2024 election cycle, Florida Democrats posted a huge win with Mayor-elect Donna Deegan’s win in Republican controlled Jacksonville – Florida’s largest city.
In addition to Democratic Mayor-elect Donna Deegan’s victory in an R +3 city, Florida Democrats also won 6 of the 9 elections on the ballot. 
The Jacksonville elections are the most significant data point among many – accounting for a rapid rise of Florida Democrats in recent months. Including:
  • Democrats were able to recruit a Chair with the strongest statewide and national profile in decades. In 2018, Chair Nikki Fried was the first Democrat to be elected to the statewide Florida Cabinet office in 20+ years. She made a name for herself on the state and national stage as a fierce advocate for Democratic issues and as a statewide elected leader who had a unique ability to point a spotlight on Governor Ron DeSantis’ shortcomings and failures as a leader.
  • Resources are already flowing to Florida: The DNC has provided the Florida Democratic Party with a significant early cycle grant totaling $100,000+ and commitments for more support in short order.
  • The Biden for President Campaign included Florida in their Battleground Ad Buy: The campaign began airing ads in Florida earlier this month, indicating the campaign intends to invest in Florida.
  • Fried’s election brought national Democratic support back to the State. Within one month of Nikki Fried’s ascendancy to Chair of the Florida Democratic Party, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison toured the state with the Chairwoman – signaling that Florida will be a priority for Democrats in 2023 and 2024.
  • Vice President Kamala Harris also made a recent stop in FL.
  • Newsom raises funds for FDP: In addition, national Democrats have made visits to the state including Governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom also paired his visit with a fundraising effort for the Florida Democratic Party raising tens of thousands of dollars for FDP.
  • The White House prominently featured Florida in their Investing in America Tour. The inclusion of Florida in the President and administration’s upcoming tour signals that Florida is a priority for national Democrats and they are once again committing support to the Florida Democratic Party and Florida Democrats.
  • Democrats are Making National Headlines Standing Up for Democratic Issues Bringing Money and National Attention to the Florida Democratic Party: Last month Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book and Chair Fried made national headlines for standing up for women’s rights and against Florida’s near universal abortion ban. She was arrested, alongside Minority Leader Senator Lauren Book and others during a peaceful protest in a public park outside the Florida Capitol Building.

~~Letrecia Brown, Lee County DEC State Committeewoman