Changing or Adding Your Mailing Address for Vote by Mail

  • The Post Office does not forward your Vote-by-Mail ballot. It will be returned to the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) as undeliverable and will cancel your Vote-by-Mail request for the General Election.
  •  Primary Election Vote-by-Mail ballots were mailed on July 19. If you have not received your ballot, you should request a new mailing address for your ballot.
  • If you have an alternate mailing address on file with the SOE, you can designate that address as the address to which you want your Vote-by-Mail ballot to be sent – see Step One below.
  • If you do not have an alternate address on file, you must submit a request with your signature – see Step Two below.
  • Address changes must be received by the SOE office by August 13.

If you think you have an alternate mailing address on file, you can verify it on the SOE website.

  • Go to the Vote-by-Mail Ballot Status page on the Lee Elections web site.
  • You will need to fill in your name, birth date and check that you are not a robot, then click on Submit.
  • The Voter Information section will show if you are eligible to vote and if you are enrolled in Vote by Mail. It will also show your Party Affiliation and Precinct. Note that your precinct number has changed due to redistricting.
  • The Contact Information section will show your Residence Address (your registered voting address) and your Mailing Address – please check that those are correct.
  • Scroll down to Current Elections. Under Ballot 1 Status, the Ballot Destination shows the address to which your Primary Election Vote-by-Mail ballot was mailed on July 19.
  • If you were not at the Ballot Destination address when your Vote-by-Mail ballot was mailed, your status will be shown as Ballot 1 Returned Undeliverable. Your ballot was returned to the SOE and you will be removed from Vote by Mail unless you correct your mailing address.
  • If the address you want your ballot mailed to is shown under Contact Information, call the SOE office and request your Vote-by-Mail ballot be mailed to that address.

If you do not see the address you want your ballot mailed to, you should request a new Vote-by-Mail ballot – see Step Two.


If the address you want your Vote-by-Mail ballot mailed to is not on file, you will have to request a new Vote-by-Mail ballot.

  • Go to the Request a Vote-by-Mail Ballot page on the Lee Elections website and click on Proceed.
  • Select the Vote-by-Mail Request Form in English or Spanish.
  • Fill in the blanks on the VOTE-BY-MAIL BALLOT REQUEST form, being careful to input both your registered voting address (the “Residence Address”) and the Mailing Address you want your Vote-by-Mail ballot sent to.
  • Select which address to use for the Primary Election (a new ballot will be mailed to you) and the General Election (ballots will be mailed on October 4).
  • Once you have completed the form, PRINT and SIGN the form. Sign it carefully — the signature must match your signature on file with the SOE.
  • Return the form to the Lee Elections office so they receive it no later than August 13:
    1. Scan (or take a picture on your phone) and email to
    2. Fax: 239-533-6322
    3. Mail: Supervisor of Elections
    4. P.O. Box 2545
      Fort Myers, Fl  33902

    5. In-Person: Find the office closest to you:
    • Wait a few days, then check the web site to see your updated mailing address, following the instructions listed in Step One.
    • Call the SOE office if you don’t see the new Mailing Address listed under Ballot Destination.

GOT A QUESTION?  Call the SOE office 239-533-8683