Dates for the newly formed committees have been set and those who are interested are welcome to attend. The dates are as follows for those who would like to be part of one or more of these committees:

Location: Democratic Party Headquarter, 10051 McGregor Blvd, Suite 101, Fort Myers 33919

Environmental Committee         February 21, 7 pm  Conference room
Legislative Committee               February 22, 7 pm  Conference room
Community Outreach                February 28, 7 pm  Conference room
Communication/Talking Points  March 01,     7 pm  Conference room

Please let us know if you plan to attend.


Message from the Chair

It is with a heavy heart that we enter 2017.  We cannot, however, allow this disappointment to define us. We have to dust ourselves off and look towards the important elections which are coming up; the Mayoral race in Cape Coral, the Florida Senatorial race and the Florida Governor’s race.  Now more than ever we have to work for a Democratic outcome in all races.

It is most important that we work harder to stem the tide of the Republican wave.  We have to explain to our fellow citizens that we offer a better future for them and that we keep their interests and concerns foremost in mind, that we do hear them.  The bitter lessons we have learned in 2016 must insure our commitment to the voters with a clear, positive message.  They may not have listened in 2016, but they will soon realize with the broken promises of this new administration, that the Democrats do stand behind them and will provide them with the alternatives to the problems so many of us face.

The Democratic Party of Lee County wishes you all a safe and prosperous New Year.

Yoseph Tedros, Chair



DEC Election Results

The Democratic Party of Lee County Announces the Newly Elected Officers of the Democratic Executive Committee

Chair – Yoseph Tedros

Vice Chair – Michelle Guerin

Executive Secretary – Pat Albrecht

Treasurer – Larry Donaldson

Recording Secretary – Connie Besco

State Committeewoman – Cathy Michiels

State Committeeman – Mike Bonacolta