Message From the Chair

 The most pressing issue in Lee County is the special election set for June 24, 2014 to elect April Freeman, our new U.S. Congresswoman.  We need to defeat the extremist Tea Party candidate, support comprehensive immigration reform, support equal pay for women, and fight for Medicaid expansion in the State of Florida.  It is time for our area to be represented by a woman who will communicate across the political aisle and help get congress moving forward so that once again it will make us proud to have a working congress.  April Freeman will do just that.
 We also look forward to the Florida primaries set for August 26, 2014 and the general election on November 4, 2014.  The governor’s race will be exciting and we are preparing to defeat the present governor and replace him with a Democratic governor who will put people first.
We in Lee County will continue our efforts to encourage early voting during the primaries and the general election.  We believe that voter turnout will be more intense than in past off-year elections because at stake is not just the governor’s race, but the issues of whether Florida accepts the use of medical marijuana and whether Florida finally recognizes the importance of expanding Medicaid to help the medically needy and our elderly Florida citizens.
 Keep up the fight.  We need to not just be right on the issues, but we need to win elections.  Let us work together and get out the vote.
Sincerely yours,
Jeffrey Kushner
Chairman Lee County Democratic Party





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