From the New DEC Chair

December, 2014

To Lee County Democrats, 

The New Year not only marks the beginning of 2015, but the beginning of a new leadership at the DEC.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the previous administration, Jeff Kushner and Connie Besco, for all their efforts to promote the Democratic Party and it’s values in Lee County.  It is the goal of the new leadership to continue that aim.

 I call upon all Democrats, both currently involved in the DEC and those interested in joining in it’s growth, to work together in that common goal.  Help us to educate and motivate fellow Democrats in the importance of becoming part of the solution of the problems Lee County and the State of Florida as well as our country.  We at the DEC want to welcome our youth, the backbone for the future, our ethnically and socially diverse community, the mirror of our values as well as the senior sector, our constant source of support.  Our mission is to band these resources together in a common goal to move the county, the state and ultimately, the country forward in the Democratic cause.  We need to start talking about jobs, middle class values, healthcare and a clean environment.  I want to emphasize what individuals lose when they don’t participate in the voting process, when their voice is not heard.

 It is time to focus on the health and strength of our party in order to bring success in the next voting cycle and beyond.  You are our greatest resource.

 Yoseph Tedros

Chair, Democratic Party of Lee County