Message From the Chair


During the past years we have asked much of the Democrats in Lee County and many have responded most generously.  It is my wish to ask more.  Voting is the privilege and the responsibility of everyone and we will continue to press you to exercise this important privilege, however it is time that we all become who we are as a party.  Over the coming year I propose that we prove our dedication to those we profess to defend and represent.  With each quarter of 2015, we will take on a community project in order to reach out to those in our neighborhoods to help make their lives a little better and to let them know that there are people who care. That many hands can make something positive happen.  Many of you are already very involved in giving, but my vision is to create a project that we can all take pride in and promote the true sense of who we are together.  I welcome your input to create two outdoor winter projects and two indoor summer projects. These could be helping a family or neighborhood improve their home or their neighborhood or an extensive food drive where we would actively go out in the community and collect, not just wait for someone to drop something off. Think of where we can do something that matters in our communities and let us develop those ideas and adopt them as part of our Democratic pride.  As part of these events, we would also promote voter registration and the vote by mail drive to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have a voice in our government.  We have done a great deal, but there is much more that needs to be done. We can talk about it or we can do it….LET’S DO IT!!!

Yoseph Tedros


Democratic Party of Lee County

 Yoseph Tedros

Chair, Democratic Party of Lee County