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Fighting for Responsible, Responsive Government


Our Democracy, as well as individual freedoms and opportunities, depend upon free and equitable access to voting for all citizens.
  • Restoration of full representation for all Lee County voters, by replacing countywide districts with single member districts
  • No-cost restoration of voting rights for eligible, formerly incarcerated individuals
  • Fair and equitable redistricting based on new census, not gerrymandering
  • Distribution of polling locations, equipment and drop-off boxes based on voter population
  • Easy voter registration
  • Expanded access to early voting
  • No-excuse vote by mail
  • Safe & convenient access to voting regardless of physical ability and language limitations


Our lives and livelihoods require clean water at our beaches and in our rivers, canals, lakes, and homes
  • Our livelihoods depend on our tourism-based economy, which employs 1 in every 5 people
  • Clean water is a basic human need; our lives depend on it for drinking, household use, and recreation
  • Polluters must be held responsible and accountable
  • Responsible development and investment must protect our aquifers, lakes, rivers, coastline, and water infrastructure, now and for the future
  • Full enforcement of regulations is crucial to maintain responsibly managed water resources


We are all safer when the Justice system is fair and equitable
  • Expose and eliminate police violence and aggressive behavior to our communities of color
  • End over-policing of minority communities
  • End inappropriate arrests and excessive sentences for the same offenses (sentences are 18% longer for Black people, 12% for Hispanic people)
  • Reform the cash bail system
  • End the school-to-prison pipeline
  • Strengthen, or implement where needed, the authority and process of Citizen Review Boards
  • Decriminalize minor offenses


Our community and our economy are stronger when everyone has equal access to affordable, quality healthcare, including mental health services
  • Everyone has an equal right to healthcare services; the current system provides abundant opportunities for some, but denies even basic access for too many
  • Medical treatment should be equal, regardless of race or gender
  • No one should face bankruptcy or death because of lack of health insurance
  • Medicaid should be expanded in Florida
  • Decisions about access should not be dictated by the insurance industry, lobbyists, campaign donors or personal beliefs
  • Access to COVID vaccines and testing should be administered by non-partisan partnership


When everyone has equal access to education, good jobs, living wage, and affordable housing, we all enjoy better economic opportunities
  • Access to economic opportunity must be inclusive, regardless of race, gender or economic circumstances
  • Economic opportunities depend on free and fair markets, private enterprise, banking and mortgage equality
  • Wages for equal work must be equal and independent of sex, race, or sexual orientation
  • Government must ensure everyone has safe and fair access to America’s world class services


Science and Technology are the backbones of a healthy, thriving society.
  • Lee County has a longstanding history of science and technology, from Thomas Edison to the Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium.
  • Science and the scientific method are essential subject in education, from pre-school to college.
  • Scientific and technological research are critical to protect Lee County’s rich environment, economy, and tourism industry – all of which are intertwined. 
  • Guidelines, recommendations and best practice policies from scientific experts should be supported by elected officials, and utilized to serve the public.
  • Technology is an important instrument to create and support transparency and accountability in government.

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